Pirate Things / Where do You see Gaming? (Or where do “they” see it?)

It's been a rough 10 or so years for games. Especially consoles. Technology like the Wii, Move, and Kinect are sweeping the markets all around - I'd say that computer gaming needs to step it up a notch. Nevermind my Tweet about Xonotic at the moment.

I'm not saying current gaming is bad. Not at all. However, what would it be like if a lot more games started interacting more with the Wii, Kinect, and Move? The down-part of any of this is licensing. It's a hassle, and at times can slow down ideas for such.

One may want Call of Duty to be for the Move, or Kinect; Microsoft and Sony may not want this. Not in the sense that they don't want the game, they just don't want it for their competitor's "add-on." ... How will it be with these new add-ons coming along? The same as it's always been, or more hyped (then dull down)? I often wander computer games will receive these fun toys.

And somehow through all this, I still think Microsoft was tricked into producing the Kinect (or do they have some other secret weapon ready?). It's still a good product non-the-less. To add-on, it's finally time to see the other companies catching up to Nintendo.