Pirate Things / What happened with AlphaRacks’ operation: As a former customer
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I'm not throwing any wild accusations against the company or its employees, etc, however their downtime or down fall (however you want to look at it) has costed many websites data loss, and money. Many services running under AlphaRacks and WootHosting went offline when QuadraNet allegedly took services offline. It's unclear what this was over as AlphaRacks did not have an explanation from QuadraNet.

Considering many services, tyclifford.com (podcasts, landing pages, stats), x.isnick.net, and journalfive.org were operating under AlphraRacks, all services went offline one by one from their LA area. Backups were recovered from my home location.

But without the main websites serving content mostly from data centers, it would prove impossible to host any more content on a line with less than 1 mb.

Current host

Vultr (affiliate link) is now where iSnick lives until I'm able to reach a deal with another VPS provider.

The canned tickets from AlphaRacks

Of course we could expect a company in this position to return general Twitter responses, and support ticket responses, but many felt they were owed credit. AlphaRacks eventually said SLA credit will be offered, and customers are bound to the terms of service.


To this day, AlphaRacks has only offered a public announcement on their website (here). You could say this is the beginning of the end, and the end is now. Or something like this.

I'm not in the position to comment on what is going to finally happen with AlphaRacks, but I have not waited around to see. I've picked up my services and moved them elsewhere.

I hope too many of you weren't affected by this, but we get what we pay for sometimes.


On the other side of this, I've decided to open source Journal Five, at least the changes I make to the templates. You can find the small project over at Github. If anyone would love to make the website better, please do so 🙂 - Plans are to put together a video gallery and article system (or maybe I can get it over to Bludit).

Thank you for reading!