Pirate Things / Ubuntu 9.10 Review

Finally got around to the 9.10 test.

So, I seen that a number of things has improved on this edition of Ubuntu, and few have been added.

Software Center

One of the biggest I'd like to point out is obviously the Ubuntu Software Center:

This is a neat change. Considering there was already something like this - "Add/Remove" via GNOME. I suppose this is extra special because of the "Installed Software" (I think?).

Yay! Now that's a handy add-on. Q&D (quick and dirty) way of looking at things. Don't worry, Synaptic is still in there!

Install Procedure

Okay, for some time people have asked, "How do you ..." ... Seriously peoples! It's easy šŸ™‚ Although there was a little bug in the 9.04?--Or was it 8.10? Can't remember. Either way...

I was testing 9.10 on my Thinkpad, which originally runs Debian, so I didn't install 9.10 in this review. I use Ubuntu on my main desktop šŸ™‚ Anyway! There's a basic preview of what you'd select to install side-by-side, or you could click entire disk if you wish. Either way, it's really easy (be glad it's not all CLi anymore).

A little Technical

The resource usage isn't bad at all. I hard-core tested it for about 45-1H minutes or so to get a good feel of how it would perform on my desktop (even though my laptop is a Celeron), and I am still impressed. The software runs just as good, and the support is still there for my hardware--You know, sound, video, wireless, etc.

Boot-up is about the same though, which isn't really a big deal to someone like me as I hardly restart anyway. Then again, if it's installed on the hard drive (or SSD now-a-days) it would obviously be a little faster, heh.

RAM usage in particular is fine FYI.

I'm glad to see the Ubuntu community working very hard, and improving Ubuntu every day.

Wait! One last neat improvement:


Anyway, Over-n-all, I'll be installing it soon as it reaches full release period. This'll be the first time I immediately updated into a newer version. I usually wait.

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