If The World was Open Source

If only the world was open source so many things could be improved, with the help of many, many people. First, I would start off with writing a chemical filtering system to filter out the bad chemicals that are released from factories into the sky.This is most equivalent to a packet filter. I would then … Read moreIf The World was Open Source

Getting the Best out of Your Internet

First things first, you can’t expect to run everything at full blast and have fast Internet. Set some boundaries for yourself. Let’s see here.. Limit some of those connections. aka, a torrent client can run fine with just 50 global connections and 10 to a torrent. It doesn’t need to be exhausted. So yes, that … Read moreGetting the Best out of Your Internet

Opinions on Copyright & Media Usage

For some time now I’ve been watching and reading the stories on copyright holders that have become upset at people who pirate their materials, and governments that have been taking privacy and piracy to a new level. For the people you have been taking to court and sued for linking programs, distributing programs, etc, what … Read moreOpinions on Copyright & Media Usage