Pirate Things / Some Information about Internet Censorship

There is a line that some may cross when dealing with Internet censorship. That line is reliance of ignorance, and not everyone is informed correctly.

The Protect IP Act, and Stop Online Piracy Act are dangerous bills, no doubt, but they also fail to mention some of the things that can be done if they were put into affect.

Domain Name System is a tough cookie, but not tough enough to crack. The World Wide Web works off asking what is where, who has what, and any one person or group can start one of these. The Dot Coms people use (or .ORGs, .NETs, etc) can easily be manipulated with a simple hosts file edit. It's practically no different than running a full blown server to compensate for the load difference (if you're hosting it for thousands of people).

Months ago there was talk about a decentralised DNS that could be polled via BitTorrent or some equivalent mark, on Torrent Freak. I'm assuming a D-DNS would work by only requesting and caching what the end-user wanted (or whatever the website they went to wanted). Not-so complicated?

iCANN (Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the most known and used address aggregator on the web. It's not the only one. The second one I'll speak of is OpenNIC. They run other "generic Top-level domain names" such as .geek. The reason you may not be able to access .geek when using an iCANN oriented network is due to iCANN not recognising OpenNIC's root servers. A slight form of censorship you may say, but only it isn't. This is the power of the web, the Internet. (Note, there is a huge difference between Internet and World Wide Web.)

How would you override a censored domain?

Get on-board with a network that does not filter it, or add the bare IP (Internet Protocol address) to your hosts following with the domain.tld. Typically, you don't need to do this, because well, it's already visible accordingly to your assisting (Domain) Name Servers.

There's also other routes, The Online Router network, among plenty of other proxy routes, but is that it? And is that the only way to override censorship?

This is a Hold-up! EVERYONE Move!

A large group of people could simply decide to hijack what part of the web there is, and branch their own network, at any given time. There's nothing anyone could do about it. because this is the anarchist system. People just happen to work together to bring what allows you to read this text.

It's all against the Law! (or could be)

However, if PIPA/SOPA were put into affect, we would never be able to have this universal approach to the Internet and World Wide Web. The Internet as a whole would not be able to receive the willfulness of information that is provided with it. People already work together to bring a synchronous network to you, that allows you to censor any part you want, at your local end.

Censoring at the global (national) level could cause serious damage. It could cause a lot of people who are not harming anything to be at fault. Damaging the structure of search engines, Internet service providers, web hosts, and in-general website operators. The Internet now, is an anarchist-democratic system.

If PIPA/SOPA: It would be in-reverse. Simple as. After reading all of this, which is a simple glance of the WWW/'net, I hope the loop has displayed the damage. No matter how universal, it could be against the law.