Pirate Things / Skybound: Stylizer – Review

So finally... I remembered.

Just Lookin'

The visual of Stylizer is very sleek, and user-friendly--Well it does seem a little complicated at your first look. The more you mess with it, the more you obviously become familiar with it... as any other software (well actually some software is LnP (look-n-play))

It has some basic tutorials (and somewhat intensive ones) that show you how to use Stylizer, and CSS in general. Always a good thing to have. Take a look:

[![Stylizer Tut](https://piratethings.net/beta/bl-content/uploads/pages/9fd40120f9d403c60a393959898241bf/http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style1.png)](http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style1.png)
Stylizer Tut

Getting down to the good stuff

So after messing with it for a few minutes, I was already making some adjustments (to some of my background sites), and picking apart what this thing could actually do. I'm sure most of you out there has heard of Dreamweaver, or has at least tried the demo, or maybe even have it purchased--using it quite frequently. This for the most part is nothing like Dreamweaver.

Stylizer is simply a CSS editor and only a CSS editor - It has no main purpose for any HTML editing what-so-ever.


With web browsers becoming more picky in their own areas, Stylizer allows you to view your website from different browser engines in a single-click. Which by that I mean...

[![Stylizer Browser Selection](https://piratethings.net/beta/bl-content/uploads/pages/9fd40120f9d403c60a393959898241bf/http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style3-browser-view.png)](http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style3-browser-view.png)
Stylizer Browser Selection
After seeing "Firefox 3" and "Internet Explorer 6," I started thinking "What if I install Safari?" So I installed Safari, and it would not put it there as a selection (shame). On the other hand, this is the Ultimate version. Which means that when using Basic, these selections are not available to you. You can only use Internet Explorer as far as I could see. And of course by using IE I get ..
[![IE Error](https://piratethings.net/beta/bl-content/uploads/pages/9fd40120f9d403c60a393959898241bf/http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style2-ie-error.png)](http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style2-ie-error.png)
IE Error
Who would've guessed?--I don't support Internet Explorer anyway (besides it was IE6, wasn't it obvious?). So it's quite reasonable that it errored up on me. However my blog *still* looks like that in IE. You know, all messed up and stuff? anywho **Two** Editing the CSS is fairly a sly process. With the Ultimate version, you are able get a bulleyes view, point-n-click GUI (graphical user interface), and few more features.
[![Extra Features (ultimate)](https://piratethings.net/beta/bl-content/uploads/pages/9fd40120f9d403c60a393959898241bf/http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style6-ult.png)](http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style6-ult.png)
Extra Features (ultimate)
As you can see you have plenty of clicky options to choose from to assist you.  This is also good for rapid design (aka, being in a hurry or extra lazyness). Here's a more in-depth of the fancy click options
Cool?--I thought so. On the other ...side of things, the basic version does not allow you to these things as smoothly. You might want to have a little more knowledge when using the basic version. Take note..
[![Basic Features](https://piratethings.net/beta/bl-content/uploads/pages/9fd40120f9d403c60a393959898241bf/http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style5-basic.png)](http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style5-basic.png)
Basic Features
Not *that* pretty huh? Didn't think so. **Three** After some-time of editing, you're obviously going to want to see some changes. To my understanding, the basic version gives a real-time preview that allows you to see the website ***when*** you edit it. The Bullseyes feature allows you to visually see it change right infront of you *as* you're making adjustments. Not only that, you don't want to use *another* program to upload? Well maybe you do .... but...
[![FTP Upload](https://piratethings.net/beta/bl-content/uploads/pages/9fd40120f9d403c60a393959898241bf/http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style8-save.png)](http://bounce.isnick.net/wordpress/skybound/style8-save.png)
FTP Upload
I think this is a plus, not a needed really. **Downside** The biggest downside is the fact that it does not run on Linux. That was/is a disappointment to me. Only Windows and Mac for now I suppose 🙁 - So I had to get a Windows machine to try it out on. I could've just used a VM, oh well. **In closing ..** Stylizer cost $90. For this type of program, I'd say that's really cheap. Some of the other editors out there are crazy expensive, and they may be worth it as well - But if you're ever feeling curious, give this a try.. It's definitely worth your time and can probably benefit a lot of people out there. Give [Skybound a visit](http://www.skybound.ca/) if you're interested 🙂 Good luck!