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There's a post circulating around Facebook detailing why a mask is required for service. Let's take a look:

It should come as no surprise, or maybe it does(?) .. that I'm not in support of this stance at all. The general response of people is "stay inside if you have a medical condition" or "stay inside if you don't want to wear a mask," which .. is not exactly a good stance either.

I ventured to CDC's COVID-19 section to find the following, Feasibility and Adaptations:

CDC recognizes that wearing masks may not be possible in every situation or for some people. In some situations, wearing a mask may exacerbate a physical or mental health condition, lead to a medical emergency, or introduce significant safety concerns. Adaptations and alternatives should be considered whenever possible to increase the feasibility of wearing a mask or to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading if it is not possible to wear one.


Some people, such as people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health conditions or other sensory sensitivities, may have challenges wearing a mask. They should consult with their healthcare provider for advice about wearing masks.

The points also indicate it may not be a good idea to wear a mask for people that are stressed under heat.

So, through a series of comment replies I composed the following argument.

Please, feel free to assert your positions in the comment section, I am all ears.

Assuming one should stay inside due to a medical prohibiting a face mask is a bit of a far reach. There are plenty of medical reasons why one wouldn't be able to wear a mask and every reason is not discovered yet--nor should anyone have to stay inside for a "mental condition that simply prohibits a face mask."

While a study was performed showing wearing a mask may improve the mental wellbeing of one, it acknowledges further testing is needed to address the study itself and I imagine other things/people/scenarios, etc.

"In summary, our findings imply that face mask restrictions may not only protect against the COVID-19 but also increase the level of perceived self-protection as well as the level of social solidarity and thereby improve mental health wellbeing. However, longitudinal studies performed in representative cohorts are required to address limitations of our study and disentangle causal associations."

This is why the CDC acknowledges the mental health conditions may prevent the wearing of face masks. We cannot really dictate to someone who is uncomfortable wearing a mask to wear one as that is a violation of their own civil liberty.

Further, if we just assume for one minute that 95% of the people entering a store are wearing a mask and the remainder are not, we actually should be making accommodations to the remainder as they are the minority -- and a good portion of laws and our voting system does in fact protect the minority. What is happening is called mob rule and while businesses are fully within law to decline entrance of a non-mask wearer, they should take responsibility in understanding they're discriminating at mass. (imagine the only gas station within 40 miles that has milk and bread denying entrance)

I find some stores are offering curbside services - Maybe more should attempt this.

Anyway, simply pointing out how unfair people are being treated as if it were YOU being the minority it would not feel good at all, but you are the majority so it feels normal and fine as you may rarely be disadvantaged or will tolerate the disadvantage.


Link title: Psychopathological responses and face mask restrictions during the COVID-19 outbreak: Results from a nationwide survey

The study mentioned plainly states it needs more study, but it does not make it untrue... yet, as this is kinda a new thing (excluding China) to some around the world.

..and for the ones "at risk" that don't have a choice:

They don't really have a choice. In fact, it's slightly more difficult to get things done more than ever for those that would be at risk anyway. So that's why accommodations should be made for the minority with and without a mask in the mix.

Some of the bus routes shutdown in areas around here and it was those same people "at risk" that would use public transportation to go to and from places.

Taxis and other methods became congested and doctor offices overflowed due to capacity restrictions.

Those at risk, prior to this, would rely on other people to help, now those same people cannot help or cannot help as often, forcing those at risk to leave the house. ... and that's why I say businesses should take responsibility to make accommodations and those people wouldn't need to enter the store at all, thus eliminating the entire debate.

At risk also does not mean contagious, could just mean Betty can't walk more than 2 minutes without falling over or their blood pressure dropping.

I went onto say I'm trying to spread peace and love, and a way we do that in these situations is by figuring out why people are discomforted despite how they lash out. We'd be surprised at some of their stories. Again, remember the minorities. We have to try to protect them as the majority might be a mob rule and that rule might...wrong.

Let's find some balance! The next time someone states they cannot or will not wear a mask upon entrance, why not figure out the reason why to help them? Their reasoning may be just.

I hope you have a good day and thank you for reading.

Small update: I discovered this video after posting. It's a person throwing coffee at someone else for not wearing a mask. We need to not do this!