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So as Google came out with "Music Beta" obviously I requested an invite, and waited. Later on, I got it. Even though I don't use it that much, and still consider it a waste .. There's some things I think that could be an improvement to it--to possibly help it succeed in this dog-eat-dog world.

Get Social

Grooveshark,  and notably HypeM, these services have something in common - Social; Twitter, Facebook, whatever. They all allow you to tag your music and easily share it with your friends. Google Music (beta) lacks this, and could prove to be a bothersome in the future when someone really enjoys a song.

To the 'least, add Last.FM support. This would be an excellent feature.

The "Desktop"

I understand Google has ChromeOS going on, where everything is centered around the web but.. a desktop application wouldn't hurt.

I installed the "sync" application (that's all it is), and while it may be useful, it as I said, lacks a music player interface.

That's all!

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