Publishing Security Camera Footage – Please stop it

Last modified on May 20, 2020

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Undoubtedly, one is proud to display their security camera angles. I know because I used to be one, but those were angles that were near-impossible to circumvent--and I'm not saying they could never be, but it was covered by 3 cameras pointing in such a way that an entrance would be captured from one of them while the intruder may attempt to mess with the other. (big cameras, you're eventually going to notice them)

Not every setup is this way, though. There's also no indefinite way to say my way was secure, too.

What I don't like to see are security camera images when "something happens," and the person decides to post it publicly. If you're sure it was a real attempt to steal or cause harm to you or your property, simply submit it to the police, not the Internet (or social media).

I have to say, while I agree it's a good attempt to help capture and alert others, it's a failed attempt at securing your own location. You're giving up valuable information for the next or repeated violator.

  • What is the camera's point of view?
  • Frames per second (if it's a video you're sharing)
  • Something they missed and can now observe

Critical information!

I hold the same beliefs for publishing "house keys." All you're doing giving away a possible way to get a vague copy - theoretically.

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