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Last modified on September 7, 2011

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Sometimes I think Google is asking a bit much when it comes to Google+. Not saying Google+ is a "failure," or "I don't like Google+, anymore;" I'm saying some of the things Google is expecting out of the users is a little "out there."

I witnessed, well, "spotted" (because in social networking, you don't exactly witness. you only spot specific things at specific times, and that's if you're paying attention. you can always go back and read the history) Google saying:

Now this person doesn't speak for all of Google, but it does signal conversation that takes place within the Google+ project, and with that being said: What exactly is Google expecting out of users? ... I have an idea, obviously I'll share.


  • Users to be themselves without trying to get people to go to their websites - This is difficult because there's a lot of people that like to get visitors, share content, and some of this deals with getting people to go to their website, and not just their profile.
  • Original content within Google+, not your site. I'm not sure how this would play out, but I did take a stab at it: Since Google+ allows you to write extremely long posts/updates, it makes it extremely easy to make blurbs about anything, on the fly, and receive high engagement from your contacts (hopefully) - There is one error with this: Google forgot to increase the history limit of your posts... so they end up being deleted. What a shame. (Unless this is a bug?)
  • Google is indirectly (attempting) to get people to engage too much with Google+. Typically, you don't need to do anything for any amount of time on a network that's laid out as this is. The Suggested User feature is nothing more than an attempt to spotlight "high profile" people, yet they are shaky about businesses and social ninjas.
For the most part I don't think Google does this directly, because they don't say it directly. Google themselves are ninjas, 'least they used to be. Now with Google+ they're revealing much more than they probably want to.

Don't think a social network speaks for your company?

It does. Big time. Let me "talk Facebook" for a minute.



Ultimately a large network. Supposedly there's 750,000,000 users, and are valued at an estimated $50,000,000,000 to $100,000,000,000. and has more advertisements flying around than Yahoo on their News page. You think a company of this state would care about ol' Google launching a social network of their own? No - You know a company of this is worried about ol' Google launching a social network of their own.

Since Google+ launched Facebook has made changes that they could've already did, but didn't do. Like presenting Privacy better to their users. ... That's practically all they did.

(and) From these changes it only says that they are worried about Google+. I could point out, that while Google's "circles" idea is way-useful, Facebook also had a similar idea going on.


Lists on Facebook

Facebook already had it possible to sort through your contacts via Lists. This wasn't a doable solution. Though they did present it well, they did not utilise it well ... enough.

Google+ allows you to do much more with your "lists." I don't think I have to go into any more of the comparisons for people to understand those differences.


Google vs. Google

Yeap - I believe this will be hard for Google. To make produce products like they already do, and manage a social network at the same time. It's much more bigger than you think. Plus, I think Google misses some of the bigger picture with their own products.


So Google launched "Wave" awhile back, but it was not that much of success. Understandable, and not at the same time. I believe they could've implemented the idea of wave a lot better. It already half-way lives in Google+. You know when you edit your posts, etc? It's half there.

Wave should've been implemented into Gmail directly, not just as a separate product. I'm sure there's plenty of times someone has sent an email, and wanted to edit a few things in it. I'm sure Google has the capacity, and talent to implement such a feature that would allow the sender to real-time edit the email and "save" it.. so when the other person opens it they receive a final, finely edited copy -- but no.


What does Wave have to do with Google+?

Not everything, but a small portion. It gives me an outlook how Google really likes to do things sometimes. Sometimes not taking advantage of their existing products. I hope this is not the case with Google+. I hope they integrate (without smothering) the most useful Google products into Google+.


These are just my thoughts on Google+. I do enjoy usin' it though so far 🙂


Good luck 🙂


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