Pirate Things / Petitions are Circulating

Following up on the petitions that were put in place by members of the Occupy movement(s), they are continuing to circulate through online social networks.

However this one I am not sure if this was put in place by any of the Occupy members. Titled "Please Hold Ethiopia Accountable for Using America's Aid Money as a Weapon of War and Stop the Genocide in the Ogaden," has been circulating today, which was created on September 22, 2011 only five days after the protest started on Wall St.. At this moment the petition has 1,211 signatures. An excerpt:

We understand that the United States has a valuable strategic relationship with the government of Ethiopia. However, we believe it is of fundamental importance to ensure that in our relationships with all government on the African continent and around the world, the United States demonstrate a steadfast commitment to human rights, good governance, and justice.

The second titled "Recognize the men and women who are occupying wall street," created September 23, 2011 with 8,572 signatures, six days after the protest started (September 17, 2011). An excerpt: 

Mr.Obama, this is a petition for you to publicly recognize, whether in a live speech, or in one of your weekly youtube addresses, the #occupywallstreet movement that is currently taking place in NYC.These men and women are trying to send a message to their fellow Americans and to the world- the big banks and the super-rich, who is "buying out congress", are the primary drivers of the ongoing recession.

These petitions only require 5,000 individual signatures.