Pirate Things / Opinions on Copyright & Media Usage

For some time now I've been watching and reading the stories on copyright holders that have become upset at people who pirate their materials, and governments that have been taking privacy and piracy to a new level.

For the people you have been taking to court and sued for linking programs, distributing programs, etc, what crime is in that? If you ask me (which I don't care if you do or not, this is my website I'll say it regardless), I say that the people who help distribute programs are the ones who help the programs gain popularity. Especially for music artists.

Music artists and governments say they are losing money because people pirate their material? Are you kidding me? Half of P2Prs would've never heard of half the artists they have on their hard drives if it wasn't provided free to begin with. Most of the people I know say that if they download something for free, and they like it, they will buy it to show their support - If they don't like it, they trash it and don't buy it.

With the governments wanting to take control of users activities on the Internet just goes to show that they didn't use our money the right way to begin with (the first time) - So now they're just pissed and taking people to court to gain what they thought they lost.

Music industries are also mad because they are facing having to live like the majority of people. Making less than $100,000 a year. Because they don't make $5,000,000 and only make $3,000,000, they decide to take a few people to court and gain what money they have greed over.

Why don't I ever see citizens taking the media holders to court? Why aren't ISPs being sued for allowing P2Prs? Seriously, if The Pirate Bay is trying to be put in jail, why isn't AOL, Comcast, Verizon, BT, Telstra, etc being taken to court? Why isn't GM, Ford, etc not being taken to court for not making automated seat-belts that force themselves on the driver? Why isn't Google being hassled & courted for indexing torrent sites? It's the same damn thing!

I remember before this whole "Lets Kill the Pirates!" season, I used to see tons of people in the stores purchasing TV Shows, Music, Movies, etc. Now? Not so much as I used to. They raised the prices in some areas that I know of that drove some people away from buying at the store. I'm not surprised either.


Oh, my opinions don't stop there.

With the governments wanting to be able to record all communications with people/between people (like they probably haven't already), that just makes me think:

What would they say if WE wanted access to their computer? What if we wanted to see who they were texting behind to their friends? Or what person they were viewing on a social networking website?

I'm sure you can guess.