Pirate Things / Occupy Wall St. Protest Continues

Photo credit: Jeff Prager

The protest, labeled "Occupy Wall St." has lead 1,000s on an agenda to call out the bankers, government, and other various corporations on corruption. Streaming live (via Global Revolution), a camera crew walks around capturing the event for the entire world to see. Videos, and pictures from multiple people have been spread throughout the web community displaying the movement, cheers, meetings, and police officers' actions against some of the protesters.

Arrests and Police Abuse

It's been reported that at least 80 people were arrested. One for reportedly taking photographs of the scene, and some for wearing masks. While it's apparent that many of the protesters are calm and peaceful, police officers still aimed to use excessive force.

Pictured created via Mace video below

An incident has been recorded of women being maced by an officer (reported as "Officer Bologna") that was walking by. Other videos followed with officers dragging, and pinning down various protesters. A couple of people were being searched unlawfully (without their consent) for unknown reasons. A woman (unknown) was initiating legal representation via National Laywers Guild for another incident.

The Top Agenda and Organization

The protesters' top agenda is to draw attention to the corruption by corporations in America. Not only are they protesting over America's debt situation, but health care and the way the government feeds into corporation greed (demonstrated by top picture above). Protesters frequently have meetings, training, and discuss other topics covering the current events.

Petition for Recognition
Following shortly after protesting, a public petition at the White House website was created. This Petition is to recognize the men and women who are protesting against Wall Street.

Mr.Obama, this is a petition for you to publicly recognize, whether in a live speech, or in one of your weekly youtube addresses, the #occupywallstreet movement that is currently taking place in NYC.

On the evening of September 24, 2011, many people in the live stream channel collaborated on calling various media organisations and encouraging them to report on Occupy Wall St.. Apparently successful, ABC News, MSNBC, and NBC New York followed up with reports. The articles are now appearing to be updated since the the 24th.

Here are some of the videos.


Unlawful searches.

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