Pirate Things / Occupy France: For the 15th

Occupy France, which appears to have cities Pau, Toulouse, Perpignan, La Rochelle, Grenoble, Paris, and many more (according to Meetup) setting up Occupys to either show support for Occupy Wall St. and child, or protest against local issues (it's unclear at the moment if they are protesting against local issues, please correct).

Occupy Paris had a meeting on October 8, 2011, their General Assembly, to discuss expression of support for Occupy Wall St., that there will be no violence, and to take pictures and video, plus many more. They also discussed October 15, 2011 which will be what some other Occupys will be protesting in unison. Occupy Paris said that they will march to City Hall at 5:00PM.

Also accepting donations, posters, and ideas, Occupy Paris hopes to collect many more marchers.

They also plan on meeting up on the October 13, 2011 at the cafe Vaudeville, 29 Rue Vivienne.