Pirate Things / Occupy DC: Get Away Film Guy

I seen a video just a few minutes ago that detailed why Occupy DC did not want their General Assembly to be filmed.

It resulted with people putting their hands up, and a piece of clothing in the camera view to block faces saying, "step to the back dog." Some of the people in the crowd agreed that they did not want to be recorded. The camera man, Adam Kokesh, made it clear that if people do not want to be recorded at a public event, they should not attend.
One of the two that stepped aside the crowd to talk to Adam Kokesh, called him a republican, then apologized shortly after. The other said that what if someone was abused that was your friend asked to not be filmed. Someone waved a lighter in the camera while Adam Kokesh was talking to the woman. The man and woman who stepped aside are unknown.
Reading some of the comments on YouTube, a person believes that this is not the same type of protesters that were being filmed last week.