Pirate Things / Notes: Twitter Appears to be Curving “Occupy”

I've been following closely with the way Twitter is handling the hashtag (#) Occupy, OccupyWallSt and others. However I have not seen it trending, at all.

Typically something on Twitter may end up "trending," because of the it's being spoke about. Whether from across the world, or around a country it will end up there, because so many different people are talking about it. 
Also with Twitter having "t.co" for a URL shortening method, they are also able to easily tell what is trending, and what should be trending. In a scenario, if their trending system is failing, they can tap into their URL statistics to cross-reference. These are just things I'd assume a platform like Twitter would do.
However for an event that has been taking place for roughly 2 weeks, there has been no sign of a trending topic for Occupy out of any region. Wall St., Chicago, LA, none of them. 
I'm assuming through media pressure, pay-offs, or something else Twitter fears the general presence of their investments going away if they so let Occupy free-flow in the Twitter-verse. This makes me cautious of what Twitter's true agenda is. Is it to feed into corporate pressure? Is it that they got a tax break and don't want things to change in other areas to compensate for their break? 
I'm very confused, because I thought Twitter was a free-flowing communications platform, but now that citizens have taken true affect of it to promote a cause to protest against the very corporation tactics Twitter uses, Twitter doesn't want to let it happen. 
Hopefully, there is some type of malfunction taking place within Twitter that is preventing Occupy from trending, or a clear explanation from someone within Twitter. 
It's very clear that Occupy is relatively large. http://www.google.com/search?q=site:twitter.com:%20Occupy

CNN & Yahoo

A company that's a "news organisation" of this size, should definitely be fully capable of capturing the trend of such an event, and send a live crew to Occupy Wall St., but they don't. Well maybe they do, but they are being quiet about it? waiting to capture something awful, then publicize it like it's going out of style?

Yahoo on the other hand (news.yahoo.com) is simply a portal. They aggregate content from all over the place, and even have some of their own writers, but yet I still have seen any hints at Occupy on their portal.