Pirate Things / New Creek PSD and Keyser agree on Payment
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A few months ago I visited Commissioner Jerry Whisner at a meeting to question New Creek Public Service District's latest debts and why they have yet to settle. Also, why not simply merge with Keyser?

Today I'm happy to read they've (Keyser and NCPSD) have reached an agreement. While merging was not favorable to NCPSD, it seems a way to help pay the debts is to increase sewer rates.

New Creek owes Keyser $242,017, which has accumulated over a number of years for various reasons, such as equipment problems with New Creek’s system and a dispute over Keyser’s meters.

“I’m happy that we reached an agreement,” Jerry Whisner, a Mineral County commissioner who has been serving as president of the New Creek PSD, said Thursday.

“We should be able to pay off the balance in less than two years,” he said.

Whisner said the agreement coincides with a rate increase for New Creek’s sewer customers that takes effect Dec. 1. The increase is part of the agreement. --Times-News

The sewer rates will drop after 2 years.