Pirate Things / Must Have Applications for OS X

Finding good applications for Mac OS X that's free is not that easy as it is in the Linux world. I did some searching here and there for software that did the job for what needed to be done. For the most part I found some really great applications that do a really great job and that are free! I'm going to go through some of them and give a description of what they do and also provide links.

1. SMC Fan Control - This is a good for laptops, you can adjust your fan speed. It sits up at the top telling you some useful information, your current temperature and current fan speed. Also you can customize a little and make your own preference's and change the reading out between Celsius or Fahrenheit.

** Download SMC fan control

2. Magnifique - Not much to this, this just lets you change the color of things like the toolbar. I got this because i was tired of having default colors.

** Download Magnifique

3. Geektool - I found this to be extremely useful. After you install, there is a preference in your preference panel. This allows you to display log files, run system command, display image files which you can use to show a weather map on your desktop. While having a log file shown or running a command it shows a borderless, scroll bar free terminal on your desktop, in terms it looks like built into the wallpaper. One thing i do not like about this is once you exit out of the Geektool preference panel you can no longer interact with the Geektool widgets. I still highly recommend this if you use os x.

** Download: Geektool

4. WaterRoof - If you're lazy like me then you probably want to avoid doing stuff the hard way, which is exactly what this application does. This is a IPFW GUI front end. To keep it short and simple this lets you do some neat things like view your net connection, set Internet rules, deny and allow connections etc. If you have a ssh, ftp, http or any kind of server up then i would get this.

** Download: WaterRoof

5. Transmission - This is a great torrent client for OS X, unlike other torrent clients this doesn't hog resources. Also shows a a little icon on your dock with stats of how much you are downloading and uploading.

Download Transmission

6. Onyx - Onyx is a system tool that lets you do system maintenance on your OS X. It allows you to do clear log files, clear browser data, smart status check, fix file permissions, view man pages and a couple of other neat things. This is something worth checking out if you have not already.

** Download: Onyx

7. Fink -

The Fink project wants to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X With Fink, it opens the world even more when you want download software. It's simple even though you use the terminal. I was never able to get Darwin ports to work, so i decided to use Fink and remove Darwin ports.

** Download: Fink

8. KisMAC - If you want to test out wireless security then this is the tool for the job.

** Download: KisMAC

If you have any handy applications that you like to use, let us know! 🙂