Pirate Things / Mineral County: Keyser: City Council Meeting (March 28, 2012)

On March 28, 2012, at the City Hall, City Council and citizens discussed and reported on activity within the city. Discussing fund-raising, ordinances, vending machine usage, the Mayor's alleged business activities, and the suggestion of Councilman Clinton Faulk's suspension due to investigation.

"First of all, I'd like to thank the Mayor and City Council, for giving me the opportunity to speak at tonight's meeting," said Ralph Broadwater, Eye On Keyser. "We were able to raise one-thousand one-hundred and sixty-eight dollars, and fourty-three cents." Speaking of the dance for the children. held this past Sunday. "We're working now on another dance, for the children. It was a big success. The only thing that I think that could've made it better, is if our Mayor and one of our City Council showed their support." Eye On Keyser saved one-hundred sixty-eight dollars for the next dance, and donated the remaining one-thousand to the city, for the playground fund. Mayor Randy Amtower said he established an account for the community. "And I'll be able to give you a report, any time on that," said the Mayor.

Chief of Police, Karen Shumaker, "We've had three-hundred thirty-eight calls for service since the last meeting." A Taser International instructor will visit the Police Department June 6-7, 2012. The instructor will teach others to be taser instructors. "[...] Thus saving putting everyone in a taser class," said Shumaker. The Police Department is expecting two graduates on April 20, 2012.

Discussing city ordinances, A citizen suggested copying an ordinance that would fit Keyser. "There oughta be a way to minimize what it would cost us, to get a good ordinance that we could adopt," he said. Someone else suggested adopting the West Virginia State Code, but the Mayor raised attention to possible existing ordinances being in conflict. Another citizen suggested using the Health Department as a resource to fine the owner of the property, but again, conflict with properties that may be in renovation. "[...] Similar situation to Keyser. [...] They offered lots, free to people who would make a commitment to build a house on within a certain time frame," said a citizen. Council agreed to look into other city ordinances.

In the concerns and complaints, a citizen requested the city fix the erosion on the street she lives on. "[...] The last big rain we got, a big chunk came out," she said. "[...] It knocked some of the concrete out [...] it just comes down into my yard," explaining more. A city employee informed her that he would take a look, tomorrow.

Also bringing up vending machines on city property, Tranum raised questions to the legality. "[...] The Police Department did it," said Bill Roy. The City Garage had a party with the profit. The Council agreed to allow the vending machines.

I questioned the Council if Councilman Clinton Faulk's servicing of the board was brought to the Ethics Committee, due to his investigation. "At this point there's no charges. There's no reason for the man to be removed," replied the Mayor, to the Ethics Committee's response. I suggested Faulk be suspended until the investigation is over. The Council declined. "You cannot suspend the man. No one is being convicted of anything," said the Mayor.

Mark Tranum resurfaced Mayor Amtower's affiliation with Pinepointe Services. Tranum said that the Mayor stated that it was sold at the last meeting, "I said it was in the process of being sold," said the Mayor.

Tranum's statement corrected.
Due to technical issues, video will be released throughout the following day.