Pirate Things / Microsoft Launches (yet another) Open Source project

So first Microsoft (over several years) aimed insults, and misinformed tons of people about Linux. Why for this?--To be personal, because Linux (besides OS X) is the next biggest competitor for Microsoft, rather their OS.

Even though I'm a Linux user, and this is my blog, I will be as non-bias as possible in this post--If that is possible for my opinions that I'm about to release.

Many times has Microsoft said dirty things about Linux without saying them (yes, they did say them (FUD)), lying about Linux, and bringing things to the table that doesn't even correspond correctly in a competitors world, such as the OS world I speak of now.

They (Microsoft) has (2 times now) released an Open Source community in attempt to gain respect in the Open Source world. That last sentence is off pure-opinion.

The first website is Codeplex.com - Which allows any one person or group to create a project and allow it to be hosted, distributed, whatever - That's good. I have found many cool things through it, including the GPS for Windows 7 that I've mentioned in an older post. An awesome opportunity for Windows developers to release their programs and gain extra developers. This same task can also be accomplished by using Sourceforge

The second website is Codeplex.org - My understanding is:

Microsoft has an evolving engagement with open source, as demonstrated by its sponsorship of the Apache Software Foundation, contributions to the PHP Community, participation in Apache projects including the Hadoop project and the Qpid project, and participation in various community events such as OSCON, EclipseCon, PyCon, and the Moodle Conference. As an additional proof point of Microsoft's understanding that they needed to be more involved, at OSCON 2009 in July, Microsoft contributed 20,000 lines of device driver code to the Linux kernel. The Codeplex Foundation is another step in this evolution. Yes, they're trying to get involved which is a good idea--However why in a profitable way? Isn't Open Source about giving the chance for random people to contribute code and support to the developers and users of that particular program, or community? I'm obviously getting the hint that Microsoft wants people to come in and bash-out Open Source projects.

It's also understandable that if a developer of an Open Source project wishes to give his/her program out for free, but for commercial use would like a fee of some sort; Who wouldn't?--I would. But to bash Linux constantly, then turn towards Open Source on their own grounds? There's just something missing here.

After all this time of "FUD" and Linux bashing.... I'm not even goin' to finish.

Let me know your comments if you want.