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The City of Keyser has made an announcement on their Facebook stating they will have the meeting closed to the public, but will be online. Ty Clifford has requested the City of Keyser allow press to observe the meeting in the interest of the public. The full letter may be read (PDF) by clicking here. This is all related to the "people must wear masks indoors at all times" restriction set by West Virginia's governor Jim Justice.

While Pirate Things adheres to mask-wearing requests while indoors and filming, we respectfully demand to observe the government based meeting for the sake of audit.

City of Keyser officials have yet to respond as today (Tuesday, November 17, 2020). An update will be made when more information is available. Update: December 10, 2020. City of Keyser has closed the last December 9th and November 18th council meetings from the public.


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We are going to attempt to livestream some things around Keyser starting with council meetings. There are older council meetings available on the parent channel and other videos. Future sessions will be restricted to Patreons only (and later released to the public).

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