Pirate Things / Keyser Police Department Lawsuit involving Yonker
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If you're not caught up, let's get you up to par: A couple of months ago a protest occurred in Keyser, West Virginia spurred by Black Lives Matter. Pirate Things sought an interview with Keyser's Chief of Police regarding the interaction with Officer Yonker, which was granted. The article may be (gated) read here.

Pirate Things later learned a lawsuit involving Mark Yonker and the City of Keyser was filed.

According to court documents electronically filed June 18 of 2020, Mark Younker (Plaintiff) is suing City of Keiser and Paul Sabin (Defendants). The Plaintiff requests a trial by jury.

The document asserts three counts to which the Plaintiff seeks judgments for. They are as follows:

Sometimes court documents are overly complicated, but the definitions are explained within. Let's summarize the counts.

Violation of the United States Fair Labor Standards Act

In short, this particular count says the Plaintiff was treated unfairly in the workplace, was not paid for their overtime and was repeatedly threatened with termination of employment.

Violation of the West Virginia Whistleblower Law

Basically, the Plaintiff says the Defendant retaliated by disclosing workplace information and speaking with local news organizations and bloggers. (and) Due to this, the Plaintiff suffered economic damages by losing promotion opportunities, pension benefits, and suffers from emotional distress and physical pain.

Defamation against Defendant Sabin

This one gets a bit interesting as the document acquired by Pirate Things indicated the Defendant made false statements regarding the city's budget, the Plaintiff "is not technically recognized a member of the Keiser Police Department, and that Defendant Sabin cannot verify Plaintiff's employment history."

14. Defendant Sabin is an agent and employee of Defendant City of Keiser.
15. As a result of Defendant Sabin’s defamatory statements, Plaintiff has been regularly
verbally accosted and criticized by members of the community who have read said
defamatory comments.
16. The actions of Defendants have caused Plaintiff such emotional trauma that he has been
put on medical leave by his physician because of the effect that the stress has placed on
Plaintiffs pre-existing high blood pressure.
17. Plaintiff has suffered reputational damages, emotional distress, and physical pain and
suffering as a direct and proximate result of Defendant Sabin’s defamatory statements.
18. Plaintiff has suffered economic damages in the form of lost wages and pension benefits
and emotional distress damages as a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ reprisals
and retaliation for his disclosures of wrongdoing.

Let us note all of this is alleged as it has yet to go to trial.

Paul Sabin, Keyser Chief of Police indicated he cannot discuss the case as it is ongoing.

Let us also note the misspelling of Keyser and grammatical errors in the document - To our knowledge it is not "Keiser," it is "Keyser." Mark Yonker's name is also on his name tag as "Yonker" not "Younker."

Because Pirate Things believes in civil libertarianism, the court document will be offered in full until the article is gated. It may be obtained (downloaded) by clicking here. Please use the virtual Tip Jar (<-click) to help Pirate Things in promoting freedom, privacy, balance as most things published takes financial support.

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