Pirate Things / Keyser: New Intersections Could Cause Accidents

By Crecia Kerbo

The new bridge being built between Keyser, WV, and McCoole, MD, is very much needed due to the age of the current bridge connecting the two towns. The new intersections being built to help Keyser's traffic adjust to the new position of the bridge, though, are posing unsafe driving conditions. One such "danger zone" is the south entrance to the popular grocery store Martin's.

Upon turning into the parking lot, one comes upon several parked cars that are parked in spaces that has been used previously for a bank that had sat in the corner of the lot. It had been torn down in order for this intersection to be built. These parked vehicles, which belong to both employees and public alike, aren't the only issue with the intersection. While attempting to weave through these cars, other drivers are coming towards the parking lot exit from several directions. There aren't any lines to direct traffic so drivers are forced to take it upon themselves to drive where available. After making it into the parking lot, drivers must be careful of the other drivers entering and exiting the lot through the east entrance. When asked what she thought about this new intersection, one driver remarked, "I feel that while the construction is working toward something better, right now it's definitely a hazard. On numerous occasions I've wondered whether to stop at the stop lines or the 'stop here' signs, and that means that other people have had to have wondered the same thing. […]" The same goes with Martin's parking lot is not the only intersection that is currently making driving difficult in the town of Keyser.

At the stoplight by Gulf and The Wing Shack, orange cones are everywhere in sight. Cement blockers are lined up along the edge of what was The Wing Shack parking lot.  According to many restaurant goers, "This parking is ridiculous." A large chunk of road beside of the lot has been dug out, hindering traffic at the stoplight also.  Another woman when asked about this replied, "[…]The parking lot of the Wing Shack -- there is no right turning lane, which backs up traffic and makes it a hundred times easier for there to be an accident." It was dug out in order to extend the width of East Piedmont Street, but while drivers await the finish of it, this is a huge hindrance to drivers and post-office goers. The stoplight is always very busy due to the large number of trucks that must drive along the highway. Removing a large piece for any extended amount of time could make it difficult for travelers. Drivers have waited at this light for more than ten minutes at a time if coming from East or West Piedmont streets. Traffic can, especially between the hours of two and five p.m., back up past the intersection leading to Martin's' lot.