Pirate Things / Is Proxy Privacy? Or is Privacy without a Proxy?

Don't look at me! Better yet..

For some time now I've been using proxies on and off--heck, I even host a proxy server for myself, and a few of my friends. But who is to say that maybe one day their information could be leaked? I wouldn't betray them, but... what happens if they didn't know me? Do you think they would trust me as much?

The last few months I've been pandering on just how private proxies really are. I've came to the conclusion that proxies are no more private than not using a proxy. That just seems crazy doesn't it?! Let me lay it out...

Without a Proxy

Obviously people will have your real IP and will be able to tell that you*are you.* That to some people is just fine. You can go anywhere on the Internet and still be singled out at any given time--you are completely fine with that. Besides, your ISP has a hawk-eye on you too.

With a Proxy

Ok... so now you want to become hidden in such a way that you cannot be identified by IP--that's completely fine. At the same time what exactly do you think you're hiding? If you can't answer that with 3 simple reasons then I suggest reconsidering using a proxy.

If someone wanted to be completely evil to you, that proxy host (server) could possibly redirect you, phish you, ... shall I say more?

OR: You are doing some online banking. Do you REALLY want to use a proxy?! I'd rather only my ISP know where I was.

With the bare effects

Okay so, yes, proxies are needed on some occasions, but things like VPNs have more usability, and offer more than just a jacket over your chest. Proxies are often used for caching too (if you didn't know that). And also for reversing connections... so on, etc.

I just wanted to blurt out that random information. I've seen quite a few people go all-out with proxies recently - and had some people ask me a few questions about proxies awhile back.