Pirate Things / Interview with Robert Schiele, and Bruce Wagner

October 1st, 12-2PM

I wanted to take this a step further, and interview a couple of people that are either taking part in the Occupy Movement, or simply want to voice their opinion.

I was able to contact two people, Mr. Schiele, and Mr. Wagner. Both of them giving their thoughts and advice to the Occupy Movement.

Read below for a short transcript, and audio. Bold print is me speaking.

Robert Schiele

What is your view on the Occupy Movement?

Occupy World: Interview With Robert Schiele by Ty Clifford

I'm very favorable towards it. I'm excited about it. Everything I've heard, and read about it, and seen is extremely positive. 

Based on what you seen? What do you think Occupy Wall St. is? or their motive? Or any of the occupy movements?

Well speaking strictly as a fan, I'm certainly not on the inside of any of this--it appears what they're trying to do is get people to come out of their shells and have a dialog with each other about the problems the US is facing. Economic, political, what have you -- and problems other people in the world are facing. I think it's an honest effort to bypass the traditional political processes, and the mainstream media as far as our dependency for news is concerned - to get people to engage and hopefully try to reach some sort of consensus of what our problems are. And in the longer term, how we'll begin to deal with some of those problems.

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Bruce Wagner

Occupy World: Interview With Bruce Wagner by Ty Clifford

What is your view on the Occupy Movement?

What's my view? Well I think it's a wonderful thing. It's kind of about time. I've been reading the Twitter stream for the hashtag Occupy, and Occupy Wall St. Someone said recently for the first time she really has hope. [..] They call it Wall St., the mega-rich-global bankers that control everything [..] the government is a puppet of them.

Wagner also goes on to tell that George Carlin explains why people are taking the streets, and how the system works.

How could Bitcoin be utilized?

A group of people contacted me, and said would you come down? We want to meet with the people at Occupy Wall St., to get them setup with Bitcoin. And by the time they got there, we were surprised that not only do they have Bitcoin setup, but they have a special Bitcoin address specifically for the Live feed. 

Occupy Movement in general, what advice would you give to them as a whole?

Keep it up, be relentless, do not get discouraged. Make no mistake the global bankers, the mega rich greedy global are terrified. [...] You are winning. [..] The only thing that makes a difference is your bodies in the street.

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