If Only Nintendo Succeeded with 3D 16 Years ago

Last modified on January 30, 2011

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Remember the Virtual Boy? I linked to it a few days ago, speaking of its awesomeness. It appeared in 1995 as the first video game console to display true 3D graphics (taken from the Wikipedia article). It was discontinued practically the same year due to its inability to catch peoples' eye, from what I've gathered.

Maybe the world wasn't ready for 3D then - Or maybe gaming wasn't ready for 3D then - Either way, I do know that Nintendo, out of all people came out with this unique system to try and push 3D gaming to the next level.

If you think about Nintendo's products, you should eventually realise just how strategic they really are. For example (or non-example), the original Nintendo supported "Duck Hunt." The coolest game of its time - At least I believe so.

My view?

Nintendo probably thought of Duck Hunt in two ways: One, it's a cool game anyway, so let's pack it in with another loved game, Mario Brothers. Two, it's just a simple game to begin with, but we'll be able to get peoples' reactions from it - and - Act upon this information later on. Or they could've just simply looked back through the years and thought, "Duh, we enabled games like Duck Hunt, now let's make a console for it."

From that moment, Nintendo wanted to expand on its discoveries, research, and proper field testing into a whole-new category of gaming. However they took it at a slow pace. Bringing other things out and improving on products such as the Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and of course the Super Nintendo (not in that order).

Then the big bad boy rolled out - The Wii.

I believe this took the gaming industry by surprise, and inspired more technology alike. There was an extremely long wait for technology alike, though. PlayStation Move was supposedly in the works, but the Kinect slam-dunked that competition. Mostly due to the fact that you are the controller. The question is, does this slow Nintendo down?


They (Nintendo) already have 3D experience, they already have experience in multi-gaming-device, why not lug this 3D back into the game? TVs are shipping with these abilities on-mass, but are rather expensive. Nintendo alone could possibly master an all-in-one purchase - TV, game console, and 3D ability - Games included.

It'd be almost a one time shot just as with Virtual Boy, but would offer up some competition with the Kinect.

It really makes me wonder what if Nintendo did take 3D to a mass via gaming 16 years ago. They had the ability, but what happen?

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3 thoughts on “If Only Nintendo Succeeded with 3D 16 Years ago

  1. I was a keen user of the Fractint fractal graphics package many years ago. In 1992 it supported 3d fractal graphics in both red/green colour separation and stereoscopic ( a la Magic Eye) flavours. It didn’t take the chaos mathematics field by storm with this innovation, but it WAS pretty cool, nonetheless 🙂

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