Pirate Things / How Sony Can Stop Being Picked On
Pirate Things</a>

Heh - It's no secret that Sony has ultimately made a person or group extremely angry. As much as I want Sony to pack their bags and go back to Japan, I've tried to come up with some reasons for them to stay.. and get back in good with the hackers.

1 - Bring Back OtherOS

This may not seem like a big deal. But uhm... Sony ripped off people by doing this.

2 - Stop Suing People for Hacking the PlayStation

People obviously enjoy the hardware that Sony produces, but more-so they enjoy hacking it and making it do things other than gaming.

3 - There was no need to sue in the first place, make a public apology to Hotz

Yea....... Let's get to the point here. Hotz needs to be left alone. I think you've violated everyone's abilities when you took him to court.

That's it, literally.