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Recently, as I'm sure you've heard (and if you haven't, ..), 'bin Laden has been captured, and well, killed. How this operation has went down is spelled out in plain. There's probably some slightly bent information that was displayed (the President's speech), and so on, but the majority of it looks "okay."

Sparking it All Back Up

Things were quiet for some time. Say 9, 10 years?--But now they aren't. Things are only going to get more weird as they go on. Who knows, the government could have possibly been doing a decent job of keeping it quiet - Preferably to their advantage.


September 11, 2001 was no joke to anyone. I don't blame anyone at all for being angry at the situation. It goes a little deeper than what happen though. From the take-downs of various videos reporting the situation, to odd US Military activity, the works. There was a lot censored, and most likely still censored to this day.

People (first responders, etc) not being compensated for their health, people around the incident that were affected by, and so: The media that hurried up to rush the videos offline.

I've found some videos (quick Googling) about the scene. Such as the "What We Saw" video. However, the video cuts out the most important parts of it. The entire video, which was recorded at a horrible angle did not capture one of the buildings falling. No worries there - The worry is the cut out of when the one they could see. Why? No idea. It seems awfully convenient it skipped that part.

I'm basically just recapping on the situation. Those who have looked into this themselves are probably well aware of the cover-ups, and other documentary pieces. One being "Loose Change." (Good film, I recommend checking it out.)

Hell Plugged In

So let's get to the more critical parts.

Relatively speaking, for 10 years stories were continuing to be covered up, and more stories popped up. As I stated up there. The bigger issue now is that the US has sparked something that was quiet.

As I said, to their advantage, even if so; That was probably best for all parties. United States civilians mostly, as we (us Americans, not the government) don't care to go to war. I'm probably speaking for myself, and only a few others, but that is the basic idea. I'm sure there's people out there that did want Mr. Laden (or is it bin Laden?) dead, but for what reasons?

People not Aware

This is a sad thing to come to, and finally accept. There's not a lot of people out there that are aware of the cover-ups, odd happenings, and the assumed fact that nine eleven was an inside job. Yes, an inside job by our own government. It is disgusting, but I would not put it past the suits.


My definition of a "confluction:"

A conflict that has the tendency to produce multiple variations, thus becoming a fluctuating conflict - Confluction. Or, you can go by UrbanDictionary's.

Yes, a Confluction

Now the Pakistan Military is snooping around wondering "what the heck just happened?" Nor do I blame them. It's hard to tell what happened, and who will be confessing the ultimate truth (which, by previous results of the US Government, very little-to-none).