Pirate Things / For the Linux desktop: Cryptocurrency Price Indexer
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I always stress how important it is to be in control of your data, and that it's best if it was only you knew how you were looking at it. So I've decided to share my personal market data indexing engine. By polling Coin Gecko, MDIE is able capture and store prices on a number of different cryptocurrencies. It's not the best, but it does work.

It ships with a 4,000+ coin list and 378 known exchanges.

Current features are basic:

Other features such as history, exchange management and crawler management will follow. As well as a possible Windows version.

Right now, the Linux host is responsible for installing PHP-CGI and MySQL. The rest is in the "app."

Clone it here, https://github.com/snick512/cryptomarketindexer

Feel free to contribute!

Updated October 26, 2019 to update repository link.