Pirate Things / Epic deserves to be kicked off “app stores”
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30 percent cuts are industry standard. Few get away with less, see Amazon+Apple.

Eddy Cue, an Apple senior vice president, and Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos negotiated directly on the deal, according to emails released Wednesday as part of a congressional hearing on anticompetitive behavior. The companies agreed to a 15% revenue share for customers who signed up through the app and no revenue share for users who already subscribed via Amazon or elsewhere, the emails showed.

Is it because of this deal that Epic is raising ruckus?

Here's what I said directly on FB:

"Epic deserves to be kicked off "app stores." Thirty percent is a reasonable and common split used within the industry. If Epic wants to be taken seriously, maybe try developing a mature platform to the likes of Steam. And, even Steam charges around the same amount, if not *the* same."

(but) Is it fair Apple is giving Amazon a break and not Epic?


It's Apple's platform. It's Google's platform - It is not Epic's platform.

I'm a fan of some Epic games, but not a fan of their recent spat with companies. Epic basically has a store of its own, why not take advantage of this like Steam did and does? ...

Hopefully, Epic comes to an agreement with these companies.