Pirate Things / “Do Not Track” is Mis-leading
If you remember my post about the [blocking of Google TV](http://me.isnick.net/2010/10/blocking-of-google-tv.html), I'm sure you can guess where this is going. But if not, think of it as the Internet version of uhm, "DO NOT CALL." Except it's for advertisements.
Honestly, I think it's no more than a propaganda campaign to get not necessarily people to *stop* using the Internet, but make it difficult for Internet TV.
Traditional advertising on the TV is dull. It serves no targeting features which makes it extremely non-accurate. The Internet on the other hand is customised home for each person (or household). The more they surf the more relevant advertisements you see. Trust me, it's not a *bad* thing. These advertisements serve no more purpose than to pay for things. It's what keeps the service free.
Now that people are ultimately spoiled by 1 minute ADs, or 2 minute ADs, and watch their shows whenever they want, providing it's available--it's hard to back to cable TV. Really, it is.
Also, even though obviously the broadcasting companies (cable companies) have OPTd-IN for such activity on the Internet, they played with fire. I believe their goal was to keep people using both of the services - Internet, *and* TV. That plan has failed them. Companies are taking advantage of this feature, and the crowd is running with it.
As what happened with the main character of Burn Notice, they got burned.
It's up to them to try and get everyone back on the pipe to try and use both services. However, they have to do this with other objects in the way such as Boxee, Google TV, Roku, and so on.
So what's a way to try to stop it, or at least slow it? Kill a valuable key in the Internet, advertising.
Good day.