Pirate Things / Defense for the Offense #2
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In my [last post](http://me.isnick.net/2010/12/defense-for-offense.html) I wanted to take an opposing approach to the government. Taking the basics of horrible health care, overly-decorated "classified" documents, and the like. I wasn't surprised that anyone agreed with me. Or, for the most part *mostly* did. Of course there were people that said WikiLeaks shouldn't be supported, and Julian Assange should be jailed. There were people that supported the take-downs (DDoSing) of companies who went against WikiLeaks, and there were people that attacked the attackers. It's a virtual war, at least for now. What interests me more is the dots that are slowly becoming visible. *Everyone* already sees how the governments react to this. But what if they are the reason for it in the first place? After all, this is all happening around the times of censorship discussions, Internet wire-tapping, no-encryption zones and so on. Which leaves me to think this is a double-sword party. You see there's at least 3 things I've thought of to make out of this entire situation. You can't always control what happens, but you can take advantage of it. Where did this person come from? Okay so maybe WikiLeaks isn't a fake front to mind-boggle people globally, but the governments are taking advantage of it. This gives them the opportunity to test people all around. Including other countries - However they could be involved in it, too. Mission is still on Track WikiLeaks was set here to do exactly what it's doing, and the mission is still on track. Although the majority of the documents that I have read are mostly confirming what everyone was already thinking, or at least had hunches about. So now to feed the tubes. Time to put more money into hole and never give it back. But ... We're Bailing, Too The economy is currently screwed. So this is the government's way of bailing out. Execute plan Y and hope they never get to Z. Drag as much money in as possible, from any end and as before, put it into the hole. Hm.... (*Yes, that's the Joker with a CIA card. I'm not the best graphics designer*.)