Pirate Things / Cryptocurrency Market Indexer 0.1.6 to 0.2.7!
Pirate Things</a>

So after a few more hack-ups in the editor, I made several improvements to CMI since 0.1.6, namely the design, history and coin logos. Data is still provided by Coin Gecko, so that is mostly why the coin logo package is easily obtainable. Upgrade instructions can be found here on the CMI GitHub wiki.

Coin logo addition:

Be sure to also checkout the bit in the wiki about adjusting the "simulator" in mdie/setsim.php.

try {
    $price_final = $price_output * 1000;

    $mysqli_owned = DB::query("UPDATE coinlist SET owned=%i WHERE slug=%s", 1000, $c);
    $mysqli_cash = DB::query("UPDATE coinlist SET cash=%i WHERE slug=%s", $price_final, $c);

You can set this to any amount you want, and then click "Reset Sim" on the dashboard/Home.

Check out Cryptocurrency Market Indexer here.