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For the last few months I've been discussing various topics and initiatives with locals. Ranging from political action, in-depth charitable works, and general focus on improving Keyser. Considerably, Mineral County must also be a part of this. The first part of this is inviting all interested city/county officials/employees to speak with citizens. This would be the first part to starting a discussion, right? We have to first ask questions to understand the paths we need to start on, and organize from there. It'll be a rough start, but we'll turn this into something great.

Interested volunteers click here.

Here's what Keyser Question and Answer is about:

All officials and employees from the City of Keyser and Mineral County are invited to provide answers and discussion to their citizens. Social issues, financial, whatever the concern may be and regardless if one is running for office or not.

This is to create ongoing discussions with citizens optionally remaining anonymous to improve Keyser and Mineral County.

Monday July 20th, Meet and Greet 6:30 pm.

City/County RSVP: https://mykeyser.com/rsvp
Question and Answer format: https://mykeyser.com/format

People may submit questions at the door or email them to [email protected] (please say if you wish to remain anonymous)

This is a perfect time for everyone to collaborate, get onboard with current issues, to solve future issues.

- City of Keyser WV
- Gary G. Howell
- All candidates running for any seat.

- Mayor Damon Tillman
- Curtis Perry, council candidate
- Billy Meek, councilman
- James Lough, council candidate


- Keyser Police Department fee
- New Creek Public Service District (paying money to Keyser -providing services to New Creek)
- COVID responses dealing with schools (and those questions branch off into openings/closings, how classes are taught, etc)
- New Creek annexation?
- Parking meters
- Businesses leaving Keyser city limits


If you're not at the event, I hope to see you at future ones!

Thank you for reading and have a good day!