Pirate Things / Come on, Google. Real Names aren’t Everything
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Surfin' Twitter this morning, I discovered that one of the people I follow has been a "victim" of the Ban Hammer+. Effectively removing her ability to share any content from practically any socially inclined features from Google. Excessive?

Let me start by saying, I suppose the name I expose (Ty Clifford) is not "real." Ty is not my first name, it's a nickname - Should I be banned for it? People may recognize me by it, and some may not - Regardless, it's close enough to be identifiable.

I also use "Snick," as an alias, should this not be acceptable? Is there something over me that tells me how to use my name in clear air? I hope not. And I'd surely expect Google to be the last company to try to delegate usage of someone's name.

Since the odds are, you already have a GMail account in which case, your "real" name is already there--so why the need to re-expose it again, if it's not needed or wanted? Bad move, Google.

If Google wants people to flock from Facebook over to G+, then I'd suggest being less demanding than Facebook.

Give people an option.