Pirate Things / Class Action has been Filed against the City of New York, NYPD, others

Since the 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge, a class action lawsuit has been filed yesterday, against the City of New York, among others.

After escorting and leading  a group of demonstrators and others well out onto the Brooklyn Bridge roadway, the NYPD suddenly and without warning curtailed further forward movement, blocked the ability of persons to leave the Bridge from the rear, and arrested hundreds of protestors in the absence of probable cause. This was a form of entrapment, both illegal and physical.

It also goes on with:

Instead, the NYPD engaged in a performance, videotaped it, and sprang their trap. They then set their PR machine into motion, distributing widely edited videos of events to spin a false narrative of events to the public and media.


This complaint seeks, in addition to monetary compensation, injunctive relief enjoining defendants from engaging in the challenged conduct in the future, and order nullifying the arrests, and expunging all arrest records.

Read the full filing here.

10-2011 Brooklyn Bridge Arrests - Class Action Complaint



If you've missed out on what's happened, see: http://occupyworld.blogspot.com/2011/10/innocent-people-being-arrested-at.html and http://occupyworld.blogspot.com/2011/10/new-york-times-continue-to-lie-about.html