Come on, Google. Real Names aren’t Everything

Surfin’ Twitter this morning, I discovered that one of the people I follow has been a “victim” of the Ban Hammer+. Effectively removing her ability to share any content from practically any socially inclined features from Google. Excessive? Let me start by saying, I suppose the name I expose (Ty Clifford) is not “real.” Ty … Read moreCome on, Google. Real Names aren’t Everything

Ubuntu – Unity: Integrations and “Outegrations”

I believe this marks the biggest change in Ubuntu’s history. More-so Canonical’s. Taking a leap forward without knowing exactly what Unity could do to their reputation, and still giving it a shot. It takes much effort to put forward your vision. The vision however, may not be seen as soon as it is revealed, but … Read moreUbuntu – Unity: Integrations and “Outegrations”

Great. Now Hell Is Plugged In.

Recently, as I’m sure you’ve heard (and if you haven’t, ..), ‘bin Laden has been captured, and well, killed. How this operation has went down is spelled out in plain. There’s probably some slightly bent information that was displayed (the President’s speech), and so on, but the majority of it looks “okay.” Sparking it All … Read moreGreat. Now Hell Is Plugged In.

Let Me Explain This “Cloud”

OK — First off: The cloud isn’t anything new. It’s just cheaper, and easier for anyone to get their hands on. More-so, companies and various individuals have made it easier to manage. Text documents, music, videos, whatever. It’s literally no different than renting a fleet of servers and managing them with some fancy software, yourself. … Read moreLet Me Explain This “Cloud”