Occupy Richmond: Bulldozered

a glance at what some of the protesters were able to keep A little after 12:00AM October 31, 2011, Occupy Richmond was met with bulldozers after receiving a warning to clear out, at Kanawha Plaza. Ransacking the protesters camp, and arresting. Protester says at least ten people have been arrested. Police allowed the protesters to take some … Read moreOccupy Richmond: Bulldozered

Occupy Rochester: Early Morning Arrests

This morning October 29, 2011, estimated 1:00AM-2:00AM, Rochester protesters were greeted by police for arrest. Camera operator: Police Chief David Moore and his cronies, are coming in to arrest the third Occupy Rochester protester – Let’s see who they’ll pick this time. The crowd chants “Shame, Shame, Shame” as the police lead off a protester. … Read moreOccupy Rochester: Early Morning Arrests

Occupy Oakland: Police Brutality

Occupy Oakland is facing more dangerous issues from the police as they attempt to progress their protests. Receiving multiple tear gas, and rubber bullets protesters are targeted for dismantle. Occupy Oakland, among many other note that the protesters have been peaceful and have not provoked any type of violence. Videos, which have been uploaded to YouTube show … Read moreOccupy Oakland: Police Brutality

Occupy Baltimore: Convention Center & Closing Bank Accounts

Reading through some of the discussions Occupy Baltimore has, one mentioned a conversation with an employee of Bank of America. They noted that the people working at these local branches are apart of the 99 percent, and these banks, because of time frames mostly have to refuse service to a big lot of people. Kayleigh … Read moreOccupy Baltimore: Convention Center & Closing Bank Accounts

Occupy Cumberland: In-person with the Protesters

A small protest at this moment, Occupy Cumberland has been taking place for about around three weeks. Today I was able to visit, and get answers with them. According to Mike (green shirt), he’s tired of the corruption of the government, and the jobs that have been disappearing. Also wanting the money to be put … Read moreOccupy Cumberland: In-person with the Protesters

Occupy Morgantown: No Arrests, or Violence

Occupy Morgantown, West Virginia has been at Monogalia County Courthouse, so far with no arrests or violence, according to Jerry Causby. Assumed organizer of Occupy Morgantown, Causby, has been actively initiating general assemblies, and also scheduling with peers the agenda throughout the week. Wednesday, they will be at the County Commissions office proposing a petition … Read moreOccupy Morgantown: No Arrests, or Violence