Pirate Things / Cable Companies Are Starting to Show their Teeth (Can you shut them up?)
I've been waiting, and here it is! Cable, and broadcasting companies are finally getting on edge about the online-on-demand arena and wanting to take it back. 'Cept, I have to say, I expected it to be a little longer than this. What is going to happen is TV companies are going to cry like little babies until people start re-subscribing to their overly-expensive cable TV service. So to be able to do this, they will start limiting the *highly rated* shows online, and putting them back only on TV. Quick quote: > But if you thought Kent was being hard on the studios—Warner Bros. is actually a corporate sibling of Turner’s—that’s nothing compared to what he says the industry is doing to Netflix to effectively block Reed Hastings from getting his hands on premium TV series. The new and old broadcast sitcoms and dramas Turner pays billions for may never even get an opportunity to be on Netflix because Kent implied SVOD rights are being “frozen” in the latest rounds of dealmaking. > “I think there’s a heightened sense across the industry of the importance of freezing those rights, and that’s what you see us from us in the future,” said Kent. “We’re going back to other series on renewals and attempting successfully to retroactively freeze the SVOD rights.” If you really enjoy watching anything you want on-demand, stand your ground maybe? We already know Comcast (and others) is in-bed with DRM when it comes to content management, would rather jack up the prices to afford applications for the iPad. Ugh. Don't even get me started on their lack-of understanding. Though, I don't expect much from Comcast when it comes to TV anyway. But just a word of advice, don't offer something again and get offended that people are enjoying it. Source: [http://paidcontent.org/article/419-turner-chief-explains-how-tv-industry-will-neutralize-netflix/](http://paidcontent.org/article/419-turner-chief-explains-how-tv-industry-will-neutralize-netflix/)