Pirate Things / Business, West Virginia, and Gary Howell

West Virginia currently suffers from business opportunity when dealing with taxes. "We have the 7th highest corporate tax rate in the nation," said House of Delegates, District 49 Gary Howell, "[...] What government can do is create an atmosphere that's friendly to business, to create those jobs. And basically, our corporate income tax makes us an unfriendly place." Discussing distribution for mail service, Howell encouraged distribution due to West Virginia's location.

"Macy's is in the process of building a distribution center," said Howell. Macy's center, according to WV Commerce will be a one-million three-hundred thousand square foot distribution center, opening up jobs for twelve-hundred people. Their plans are to ship to Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic states.

Discussing a study that is scheduled for summer, road construction, Howell and others want to test Tax Incremental Finance, which is used on property tax against road construction. Tax generated from new businesses on the road, would then be used to pay for the development of the road. "It creates a new source of revenue." Corridor H will be a subject.

In other forms of business, Gary Howell wants to make volunteer firefighters' jobs more easy by encouraging modular based training. Allowing individuals to allocate their already-acquired training to the job, without needing full training. "They can go out and take the vehicle rescue [...] later having time to take training in structure fire." Howell says this will allow more people to be on-call, even if portions of the volunteers have some training.

Speaking of senior citizens, Howell wanted to use the Homestead Exemption Increase. "[...] That has never been increased since the 1980s, even though home prices have skyrocketed, since then. [...] the Senate did not take it up."