Pirate Things / BitNami Cloud Hosting – Screenshots

Ohweee! I received an invitation for BitNami Cloud Hosting app, which I'm pretty sure a lot of other people received, so not really a big deal. However, I wanted to take screen shots for people who are unaware of it, and may want some inside information before proceeding.

BitNami is a service that puts together web apps, frameworks, and much more for people who just want to insert-and-go. WordPress, Drupal, RoR, you name it, they've probably imaged it.

You don't need to use their service to use their images either. It's up to you - Amazon Web Services, your own servers, or through their Cloud Hosting suite.

Login Screen

It looks freakishly close to Amazon Web Services, right? I think so anyway. From here you can see what is going on, and go straight to creating a server if needed. Oh, and it shows your costs, too (or rather estimates it). Preparing a BitNami Instance
From here you have to use your Amazon Keys to be able to access EC2. No problem if you have an AWS account. Once you've did that, you can go over to **Servers** and create a new one, and.. : Select a Stack
You'll be able to select a decent amount of fresh images. I selected Drupal, as you can see. Creating the EC2 instance
Wait! Before any of this, you'll see a place to create a Username and Password - This will be the same Username and Password you'll use to access your web application. The results?
Yep. The results are simple. A newly created EC2 instance with the selected BitNami stack, Drupal. Copy IP and:
Whenever you copy your machine's IP, you'll actually be presented by the default BitNami information. You can click "Application," then select "Access" at the bottom right. Eventually, if you decide to publicly launch this image, you may want to do a little bit of editing to the URL before doing so. Else, everyone will have to access it via **/drupal**. I hope this has been informational.