Occupy LA: Assemblies

(as I’m watching the stream (loop) Today, at the time I’m writing this 5:03PM, OWS LA is organising social media tactics to move forward, through the web community. Which would include getting not only “online” attention, but also “offline” attention. They believe, and have stated that some of the social network(ing) outlets are pushing down the … Read moreOccupy LA: Assemblies

Occupy Chicago: The Federal Reserve

In one of the few Occupy sites, one is also taking place in Chicago. They’ve been occupying the the Federal Reserve (as far as I can see). According to their site, the “Fed” was trying to get the Occupy Chicago protesters off the sidewalk, but was not successful due zoning: The sidewalk is public property. As … Read moreOccupy Chicago: The Federal Reserve

Lawerence O’Donnell (MSNBC Last Word) on Occupy Wall St.

It’s been an awaking moment for me, especially because I didn’t realise just how big this protest was going to be. It turned out to get a lot of underground attention, except not much mainstream attention, until recently. In this video Lawerence O’Donnell spoke in what I believe to be quite accurate. This is very true. … Read moreLawerence O’Donnell (MSNBC Last Word) on Occupy Wall St.

Occupy Wall St. Protest Continues

Photo credit: Jeff Prager The protest, labeled “Occupy Wall St.” has lead 1,000s on an agenda to call out the bankers, government, and other various corporations on corruption. Streaming live (via Global Revolution), a camera crew walks around capturing the event for the entire world to see. Videos, and pictures from multiple people have been … Read moreOccupy Wall St. Protest Continues

Come on, Google. Real Names aren’t Everything

Surfin’ Twitter this morning, I discovered that one of the people I follow has been a “victim” of the Ban Hammer+. Effectively removing her ability to share any content from practically any socially inclined features from Google. Excessive? Let me start by saying, I suppose the name I expose (Ty Clifford) is not “real.” Ty … Read moreCome on, Google. Real Names aren’t Everything