Occupy Wall St. With Postal Workers

In an interview with a Postal worker, a man (unknown) explains his reasoning for protesting. First off, we’re fighting for our lives. […] We don’t want any layoffs. We are hard working men and women. We believe that we should be treated fairly, and I don’t believe we’re being treated fairly. Congress needs to support American … Read moreOccupy Wall St. With Postal Workers

Occupy Kansas City: Memorial Drive

“We will be occupying Memorial Drive in Kansas City outside the Federal Reserve Bank” According to their Agenda calendar, OccupyKC will be occupying their local Federal Reserve on September 30, 2011, and October 9, 2011. Their homepage consisted of a picture stating “Get money out of government.”Following with a video from Keith Olbermann (Countdown). http://occupykc.com/doku.php (Thanks, robert3242)

Major Media Outlets Still Curve “Occupy”

I think it’s safe to say that major media portals such as Yahoo, Aol, and CNN are curving Occupy Wall St., and other various Occupy protests. I’ve went through these portals just a few minutes ago and seen no references to Occupy. None. Not on the front page, nor sub-sections (Politics, U.S. News, etc). Other … Read moreMajor Media Outlets Still Curve “Occupy”

Anonymous Members Show their Support

Anonymous does say that its everywhere. So in the middle of all the Occupy Wall St. movement, they showed up with their masks on standing tall. Credit: ProtestChaplains However, even in the spirit of Occupy support, wearing masks is against an old “no masks during protests” law. As-well as for a few other things you can … Read moreAnonymous Members Show their Support

Occupy LA: Assemblies

(as I’m watching the stream (loop) Today, at the time I’m writing this 5:03PM, OWS LA is organising social media tactics to move forward, through the web community. Which would include getting not only “online” attention, but also “offline” attention. They believe, and have stated that some of the social network(ing) outlets are pushing down the … Read moreOccupy LA: Assemblies

Occupy Chicago: The Federal Reserve

In one of the few Occupy sites, one is also taking place in Chicago. They’ve been occupying the the Federal Reserve (as far as I can see). According to their site, the “Fed” was trying to get the Occupy Chicago protesters off the sidewalk, but was not successful due zoning: The sidewalk is public property. As … Read moreOccupy Chicago: The Federal Reserve