Pirate Things is a website (a blog?) that will attempt to shed light on how to take back the Internet. Ways you can get less-costly services such as a fully operational telephone on your desktop/laptop, or how to host a cheap website, or giving odd tips in navigating and using the Internet/computer.

We’ll also get a little philosophical from time-to-time in posts to support our background in digital privacy, transparency and security.

Freedom, privacy, balance.

Be warned: Pirate Things may contain explicit content. Policies are listed here.

Paid membership?

Instead of serving advertisements, I figured I'd create a payment model which is cheap and easy. 50 cents for 24 hour access--all you can read/watch. This helps pay for some of the costs it takes to produce or operate content on Pirate Things. Donations help even more.

Journal Five merge

Journal Five content has been merged into Pirate Things. The journalism/blogging shall continue as Pirate Things!