Pirate Things / A Letter to Occupy

I've been watching you, communicating with you, and giving my opinions where I think I should, but I don't feel I've made my point(s) as clear as they should be. Several times have I seen mistakes being made, some of any Occupy cannot help. There are however tons of mistakes that could be avoided.

Media attention is an important thing for a protest, or any type of political event. How else are people going to know about what you're doing? Stop turning it away, and stop trying to direct it in your manner - It'll never work. It's very important to have an update system, but it's not important that you have a team that manages this. While having media team to walk around the camps, broadcast feeds, etc it is indefinitely not important for you to try to spawn your own media agency.

News syndication is the most notable thing when dealing with material. Stop attempting to shut down these syndications. It's a bad thing if a news source or blog speaks bad about you, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to do this. You're still getting attention whether it's good or bad. I'm sure there's people out there that would willingly correct any errors, and report in a more unbiased state. Let the media ninjas and sharks do their jobs.

Take major action. Some Occupy have worked together to go to council meetings, file lawsuits, and much more. This just isn't a physical protest, but also a paper protest. Do both, not one - Else everything you're doing is a waste.

I'm not telling you to give your demands now, but it's evident at what people want. More jobs, more jobs within the U.S., bankers prosecuted, tax holes fixed, and so-on, but you really need to push this material to paper, too. It's not as if anything is failing with the protest, but paper, petitions, TV commercials, etc is all needed. If you want to fight the system, then use the system--it's already in-place.

While writing about it, calling some of the organizers, I notice that some of the Occupy organizers simply don't care to respond. Stop it! Respond to as many requests as you possibly can, or fix someone to do it for you. None-the-less, if one of the Occupy has a media team (that writes news, etc), then do so, and make sure you do plug other news sources (aka: syndication).

Occupy The Courts is already there, but what is going on? Let's get some information flying about, people contacted and outlets displayed.

Occupy Cincinnati has taken legal action, Occupy London has taken action, and there's others, but keep charging. It's winter, which makes it difficult, but it does not stop all forms of protesting. 

Next is the undeniable circus ring. Parading around doing nothing makes you look stupid. It does. Not the Fox News stupid, the you don't know what you're doing and wasting peoples' time stupid. Get some objectives together, and get to it. Not all of Occupy are circus rings. Occupy DC had a bad start, and while it's still touchy if it was a ploy to make ODC look bad, it still needs to be noted that is not how you treat the press[1], regardless of that press' bias.

These are just some things that I wanted to get off my chest, and have it here so I did not have to keep repeating it.

[1] http://www.journalfive.org/2011/10/occupy-dc-get-away-film-guy.html