Pirate Things / 10 Tools I “Equip” to my Chrome Browser
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Eeeehhhhh-yaaaaaaa. I like surfing, a lot, obviously. Having some handy-tools makes it a lot more enjoyable. So here you go, my list.

Google Voice

This is of absolutely no use to anyone outside of the US, but to those in?--perfect. Be notified when you have a text, or a missed call (heh), and it'll even highlight numbers on websites so you can make calls using GV.

Hover Zoom

This thingy here, excellent! Automatically (or to your prefs.) enlarge photos without even clicking on them.

Mail Checker Plus

A notifications tool to display when you receive new email. The ultra-neat thing about this extension?--If you have the Sync featured enabled on your Chrome browser, and use Chrome on at least 2 computers (duh), it will automatically configure to another Gmail account wtihin that second browser. For me, I use a straight Gmail account on one browser, on the other I use my Google Apps account. It worked out perfectly. As a matter of fact, it was sort-of creepy at how well the Sync feature worked + Mail Checker Plus.

Tab Menu

Yes. Definitely needed for anyone who goes on tab-frenzies. Especially when they get all scrunched up. This will even allow you to reposition the tabs easily.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

A search engine specifically targeted at finding images around the web. Right-click any image, and select the TinEye. It'll try to find where-else this image is on the Internet.

Web Server Notifier

I'm just curious. Take a quick peak at what the front-end HTTPD (web server) a website is using. It displays a nifty icon on the address bar.

YouTube Enhancer

Uh-huh. YT Enhancer I can safely say is probably something YouTube hates. But I love it, and no shame to admitting it. Click on one-of-several buttons to resize, dim the lights, or kill the glitched out YT player. Note: This should also work on other browsers, not just Chrome - I have not tested though.

Aol Lifestream

OK, OK. So maybe this seems a little awkward. However this tool is to the point. I'd rather install this seamless extension and be able to quickly see what is going on in the "circle of the net" instead of having to install separate extensions for each network.

JS Shell

An extension for on-the-fly Javascript parsing. Useful for debugging, or not wanting to use other heavy tools.

Read Later Fast

Save pages on-the-fly to read later. Quick&Dirty.

So there you have it. Hopefully these tools can benefit you, and your surfing experience. To extra note about the "Tab Menu," Opera web browser does offer Group Tabs. I didn't think of it until after this entire post, so try this one for Chrome. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/acdchnhopobbnjfibnecpnilpgkcjgnl - I have not tested it, just throwing it out there.